David Christian on APWH Changes: "This is a seriously retrograde step"

Statement from David Christian: 

“As someone who has worked with many other world historians to argue for the importance of a wider approach to human history, including one that can help us begin to grasp the overall trajectory of human history, I am appalled by the College Board's decision to narrow the scope of world history.  This is a seriously retrograde step. I've just seen a great letter that Ross Dunn and some colleagues have prepared and fully endorse what they say...I was briefly on the committee to revise the world history syllabus and even then could see a resistance to the sort of wider perspective that I and colleagues have fought for for years.  I fear the College Board will not [budge] on this, but perhaps they are surprised by the extent of the pushback.  I feel part of a whole generation of historians, teaching at colleges and schools, who fought for a genuinely worldish approach to the past, and feel it is really tragic to see a generation's work go to waste like this.”

-David Christian, Professor of History at Macquarie University, best-selling auther, Founding Partner of the Big History Project, participant in the creation World History for Us All